[Last Day Promotion, 50% OFF] Coffee grinder

Multifunctional: aromatic seed grinder is ideal for grinding coffee beans, nuts, spices, herbs, pepper, sugar, salt, etc.

The seed grinder is equipped with stainless steel blades for more efficiency, and a security system: it only activates when the security cover is properly closed

Puissant Powerful engine: It takes about 8 to 25 seconds to get optimal results ·

✅ Removable stainless steel container: which facilitates cleaning. With the brush used, the grinding container can be cleaned quickly. Caution: The container and the cover can be washed under running water. ·

✅ Safe short-term operation: the coffee grinder is designed for short-term operation (within 60 seconds), i.e. you can continue using the coffee grinder for 1 minute, then leave it cool for 15 minutes to normal temperature, then try again