[Hot Sale] Multi-purpose Trekking Pole

With it you have the guarantee in the wilderness to survive and to explore the true wilderness!

Made of a high strength aluminum alloy, very durable. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Stock with 4-8 collapsible segments, freely adjustable in height. Multifunction tool with knife, compass, bottle opener, fish skewer, screwdriver, for your different requirements in outdoor activities.

Appearance: glossy coating, gray
Material: aluminum alloy, lighter, reduces more impact.
Size: 106 x 2.2 cm. The diameter of 2.2 cm is freely adjustable.
Weight: The weight is only 0.39 kg, lighter than a bottle of mineral water, easy to carry.
Features: 5 different functions that allow you to use it in a variety of scenarios.
Rod, Stick, Collapsible Stick, Cutting, Rail, Saw, Knife
Harpoon, screwdriver, compass, tether, survival whistle, hammer.

Useful for:
Outdoors \ Auto \ Camping \ Adventure \ Mountaineering
Hiking \ Cycling \ Fishing \ Emergency \ Survival