Multifunction T6 LED Flashlight Baseball Bat


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Made of High-strength aluminum alloy, hard-anodized for extremely durability.
T6 LED provides super bright light with long beam distance.
There are 5 modes available, high /middle/ low / strobe/sos
Designed for lawman, driver and security, it will protect you from bad guys and road rage.
Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, self-defense, etc.


Choose the length that suits you

Super bright lamp beads
Uses T6 lamp beads

Multiple lighting modes
Flashlight has 3 modes: 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and SOS
Ideal for law enforcement and security personnel
It can help you in a time of need
36 cm(18650 version)
Great for long lasting use(This product does not include a charger and 18650 battery
Waterproof material
IPX-6 rated waterproof

High-strength aluminum alloy

You can smash the bricks and crush the glass inside a car