【ONLY $15.99 !!】INSTANT SMILE VENEER - Upper & Lower Included



The Original Easy Smile Veneers (Upper & Lower Included!)

These teeth covers, cover your damaged teeth to have a perfect smile. Patients can eat, drink, and function normally all day, every day!

  • ✔️It's Fast and Easy
  • ✔️No Strips, No Trays
  • ✔️See Results Instantly

People Are Going Crazy For Our Original Easy Smiles!


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  • LOOK FLAWLESS - Achieve the smile of your dreams with the Easy Smile.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Crafted from a custom mold to disguise crooked, stained, and missing teeth.

  • SAVE MONEY - Braces are the ONLY alternative, but they are EXPENSIVE
  • YOU DESERVE THIS - You deserve to look your best!
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - They will not recognize you with this life changing device.
  • MEDICAL GRADE - FDA approved, safe, and comfortable to keep in your mouth all day long.
  • LONG LASTING - Easy Smile is crafted from high quality materials that will not need to be frequently replaced.

  • GOOD MORALS - We are a company with great ethics, we treat and pay our staff fairly and give all of our customers our respect & appreciation. Deciding to go with us means you're supporting a small independent company with a heart of gold.


The Instant Smile Veneer is molded to cover missing, crooked, chipped, or stained teeth. They are designed to look and feel natural and comfortable!


    1. Boil a cup of water.
    2. Place the veneers inside the water for 1 to 3 minutes (so they become malleable).
    3. Place the veneers inside your mouth - using your fingers to form the veneer around your teeth.
    4. Place the veneer in a cup of cold water to harden the mold.
    5. This will enable you to ‘snap’ your smile into place at any given moment!


 - It feels like you can go out into a crowd and be able to be yourself, and talk, and not be so self conscious of not having your teeth.It really has given me a lot more confidence being able to smile and have nice teeth.
 - I feel like people take me more seriously now that I have nice teeth. Really it does make a difference.And I feel since having an Instant Smile Veneer, I am not afraid to stick my hand out and meet someone or just talk to a total stranger. It makes me feel really good and confident. That's the key word: confidence.
 - I've always wanted to have a really great smile. I have friends that have really great smiles and you see them and you wish you had that perfect smile but the cost of veneers is just way more than I can afford.
The Instant Smile Smile is extremely affordable and it's a really quick great option for a perfect smile. I love my Instant Smile Veneers!